I always had a vision of teaching people in a different way, but could have never imagined creating content for passionate ones around the globe. I am using my momentum and deliver all of my knowledge and experience here. I actually believe that language is the most powerful tool, and thus teaching you a new one empowers you.

– Maria, Founder of Languagepie.com


Learning Russian has put my language learning abilities into perspective. I now feel confident I can learn any language. The progress I have made has kept me motivated, outweighing my insecurities and improving my short-term memory.

– Maria Vera Ratti, BA International Studies

We believe in free education. We also believe that progress is more important than perfection. We are followers of minimalism, and trendsetters of modern e-learning methods. We like innovations, and don’t stick to traditional thinking. Creativity is everything, and language is art.

We are passionate about language learning, and share our knowledge with you. Get your free piece of our pie here at our sweetest language learning spot! 


Our content is created with passion for an easy approach. We promise nothing but simplicity with an optional extension to comprehensive grammar.


We offer our content in portions, and you pick your favourite piece. Learn only what you need, how much you need and whenever you need it! 


Our content is our gift to you. We believe that the basic education should be free and want to share as much knowledge as possible.

They have been there and are sharing their stories. Watch full video here.

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